How do I contact you?

Please note our office hours have recently changed. We are now available 7 days a week, from 9AM to 6PM Pacific. Don't forget to check out our frequently asked questions! If you can't find your answer or you still want to give us some feedback please click here to contact us.

How do I earn points?

After you link your card to your account online, just bring the card with you to any fresh&easy store or Wild Oats, a fresh&easy Market and simply scan the card's barcode at the checkout. You can link a 10-digit phone number to your account online and use this phone number to earn points at the assisted checkout, if you forget your card. Points will be added to your account automatically, within 48 hours of purchase.

Do my points expire?

  • Yes, points earned January 1st through September 30th will expire December 31st of the same year.  Points earned from October 1st through December 31st will roll over to the following year and expire on December 31st  next year. 
  • Whenever you convert your points to Friends Rewards, you have 90 days from the conversion date to spend them.

How do I check my point balance?

To view your point balance, sign in to your Friends account from your computer or mobile device.  You can also see your point balance on the receipt of your last purchase and in our weekly emails.

Can I use a phone number to earn points if I forget my card?

Yes, once you've linked a Friends card  to your online account, you can add a 10-digit phone number as well.  This phone number can be entered at the checkout if you forget your Friends card.

How do I convert my points to Friends Rewards?

Once you have a point balance of 500 or more points, you can convert your points to Friends Rewards in three easy ways:

  1. Sign in to your Friends account on your mobile device and simply click the "Convert" button under your point balance. Your Friends Rewards are immediately loaded on to your primary Friends card.
  2. Sign in to your Friends account on your computer and go to "Points & Rewards". Under the point balance, click the "Convert" button and then click "Confirm." Your Friends Rewards are immediately loaded on to your primary Friends card.
  3. If you receive our Friends emails, click the "Convert" button on the left side. Your Friends Rewards are immediately loaded on to your primary Friends card.

Where can I see when I earned my points and at which store?

You can view your point history on the point history page, which shows you the date, location, qualifying spend and bonus points awarded for each transaction. You can also view when and how many points you've converted to Friends Rewards.

How long are my bonus point coupons valid?

Most bonus point coupons are valid for 14 days and can be used multiple times within that period. However, be sure  to check the coupon details and expiration date because each offer is different.

How do I use my bonus point coupons? Do I have to print them?

Nope! You do not have to print any bonus point coupons.

  • Simply sign in to your account and  go to the bonus point coupon page to select and load the coupons you prefer on to your Friends card. 
  • Then remember to scan your card when  you check out to ensure your bonus points are awarded for that transaction.